Estate Planning

Estate plans and other advanced directives help direct how your assets and health care will be handled in a situation when you cannot make important decisions on your own. A cookie-cutter estate plan does not fit everyones' needs.

For some clients, we may assist you by simply recommending beneficiary clauses and transfer on death documents. For young families, a common recommendation is for Wills with trusts for the children. For those with children from a first marriage, we often urge the remarried couple to have a Marital Property Agreement.

Another topic usually covered is divestment and nursing home issues. Other client choices might be whether to make a Trust or a Will.

We all need a Health Care and Financial Power of Attorney so that someone can take over for us if we become incapacitated. This may save the need for a guardianship, as guardianships are expensive.

Call us and make an appointment to see what is right for you.